Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer '11

So Dan was excited for the summer to come. Because with the summer came no school. No more teachers (students), no more books! But before he finished we had to go to Prom. You know get the whole high school experience. Well I actually never went to my prom. So if was fun to go. Our prom pictures!!
So he was excited to have a break. So in his spare time he did a lot of work on our Ford Focus which reached 100 thousand miles and he started helping people by changing their oil. Quite the handy man mechanic!

Well right when Dan was finishing school Dan's Dad came to visit. We showed him around town and did all the fun stuff to do in Houston. We went to NASA and Kemah board walk. Good thing we got year round passes to NASA because we sure used them well!

Dan had his birthday in June. So I threw him a great birthday party!

My good friend Yesenia Garcia got married at the end of June. She was such a good friend to me when I interned hear in Houston and was all alone. It was so great to be there when she went through for her endownment and for her sealing. It really reminds me what a great gift we have to know the gospel of Jesus Christ and be able to be sealed for time and all eternity.

Congrats Yesenia!!
We have good memories in Houston together. I'll miss seeing you.

My brother came home from his mission in London, England. So we had to go and see him!

It was really great to go home. My sister and Hunter also went home so we were almost all together missing Mike. We did a lot of fun stuff as a family. We went downtown Ottawa on Canada Day. We went hiking, and strawberry picking. And we went camping in upstate New York. We went to the Hill Cumorah Pageant. Unfortunatly, the week went by way to fast because we had to go back to Houston and work. It was so great to see Niall again!

I forgot my camera on the trip so I will have to get pictures from my parents. But I did find some pics on my Ipod touch!

Spring '11

So unfortunately because we went to Seattle for Christmas we missed out on the snow. It did snow 1-2" of snow a couple days before we left which was great. And with January and February brought nothing but very nice weather. No winter! Well I was a little sad but it was nice not to have to wear jackets.

March - My parents and Kala, Mike and Hunter came to visit us. They all had March break/ Spring break at the same time. So we had a whole week of fun. (Well I still had to work!). But we had fun we went to the beach (yep the beach is nice in March). And we went to a Dallas Stars hockey game.

Unfortunately, none of my pics are on this computer.

April- Mark and Katrina came to visit us. Katrina had just graduated from BYU and had some time off. It was really great to have them visit with us. By April we had really nice weather and we bought a boogy board and had lots of fun at Galveston beach. Mark served his mission in Galveston so he gave us a good tour. We went to NASA and a Houston Astros game.


Christmas '10

So for Christmas last year we went to Dan's home. It was really great because Heather came home too as well as her little boy Jackson. It was great to be able to see Heather and Jackson.

So for Dan's family we still have yet to be all together, because we were missing Andrew.

A great part about returning to Seattle was that my friend Janie moved to Seattle. So it was go great. I was able to hang out with Janie twice on our visit. Miss ya Janie.
Katrina and Mark

Heather and Jackson

We also had a great New Year's Eve with Dan's Mom. We went to the movies and had Chinese, a little tradition in my family!

October & November '10

So, we were still playing soccer all the time. But we found time to eat lots of the holidays. We had friends and the missionaries over for Canadian Thanksgiving.
We had a missionary from Canada. Elder Leishman. and it was a good reason for me to cook a nice Canadian Thanksgivin meal.

Than, came American Thanksgivin and I love to cook so I had our friends over and my sister Kala, Mike and Hunter came to visit.
It was great being able to see my sister again. It is nice how we are only 4 hour driving distance. Too bad now we will be pretty far distance from each other. Anyways, since Kala was there for Thanksgiving we celebrated an early Christmas because we weren't going home.

September '10

So by September we had good friends and had fun things to do. We also started coaching soccer teams. I coached 2 teams a boys U7 and a girls U9 team. Dan coached a boys U10 team. It was a lot of fun, it did take 4 days of the week and most of our weekends.

We also went to the Dynamo (professional) Houston soccer team with our friends. And high school football and soccer games.

We tried to go to the temple as often as we could. We have a great temple in Houston, and it is only 1 1/2 hours drive. Not too bad.

As well in September, we were able to go to Washington, D.C to see Dan's cousin Jessica get married. It was really great to be there for her.
And I loved being able to go and see the Washington, D.C. temple (is where my parents were married)

We stayed an extra day to be able to tour the sites. We got to see a lot but we will probably go back again someday to spend more time visiting all the museums.

August '10

After moving into Houston everyone said we moved at the wrong time of the year. Well, it was pretty crazy. The temperature in Houston is pretty ridiculous it is about 38C / 100F. And that is without the humidity of 90%. It is hot everywhere, the shade does not help. And at night it gets down to maybe 30C/85F if you're lucky!. Well we learned that most people just don't go outside. But not us no way.

We still tried to visit and do lots of things in Houston. My parents came to visit us in August. Which was really nice. We went to a Houston Astros game and the beach.

Dan got a job being a physics high school teacher in west Houston. So his commute was 1 1/2 hours each way. Pretty crazy.

Catch Up June '10

So in June'10 I started my job.

My title is an Analyzer Systems Engineer. And I was so excited to get business cards with my name on it that said Dow Chemical.

So my job has been really great. I really enjoy the work I do and I like my co-workers. It is crazy how much more I know now than I did when I started. It was a lot to learn at first but now I am plugging away, doing about 7-10 projects all at once with projects ranging from $ 30 thousand to $ 2 million. (small projects).

But actually before starting my job we went to Ottawa to visit my family (it had been a whole year and a half since i'd been home) and we went home for my cousin's wedding. it was also really nice because my sister went home to visit too.

Shona married Dan Kean. It was great to be able to be there for her wedding.

I also got to see Trafaun Tang. One of my best friends! we have so many great memories!

I showed Dan some of the cool things in Ottawa. Here are the Parliament Buildings.

We actually left our apartment in a mess before we left for Ottawa. So I came home to cleaning, unpacking and starting my new job!