Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer '11

So Dan was excited for the summer to come. Because with the summer came no school. No more teachers (students), no more books! But before he finished we had to go to Prom. You know get the whole high school experience. Well I actually never went to my prom. So if was fun to go. Our prom pictures!!
So he was excited to have a break. So in his spare time he did a lot of work on our Ford Focus which reached 100 thousand miles and he started helping people by changing their oil. Quite the handy man mechanic!

Well right when Dan was finishing school Dan's Dad came to visit. We showed him around town and did all the fun stuff to do in Houston. We went to NASA and Kemah board walk. Good thing we got year round passes to NASA because we sure used them well!

Dan had his birthday in June. So I threw him a great birthday party!

My good friend Yesenia Garcia got married at the end of June. She was such a good friend to me when I interned hear in Houston and was all alone. It was so great to be there when she went through for her endownment and for her sealing. It really reminds me what a great gift we have to know the gospel of Jesus Christ and be able to be sealed for time and all eternity.

Congrats Yesenia!!
We have good memories in Houston together. I'll miss seeing you.

My brother came home from his mission in London, England. So we had to go and see him!

It was really great to go home. My sister and Hunter also went home so we were almost all together missing Mike. We did a lot of fun stuff as a family. We went downtown Ottawa on Canada Day. We went hiking, and strawberry picking. And we went camping in upstate New York. We went to the Hill Cumorah Pageant. Unfortunatly, the week went by way to fast because we had to go back to Houston and work. It was so great to see Niall again!

I forgot my camera on the trip so I will have to get pictures from my parents. But I did find some pics on my Ipod touch!

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